Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Homebrew and Chemistry Bump

I have neglected this blog for a number of reasons some of which include:

1) a natural disaster involving a river and my family home in which the high point of the ordeal was where my mother had to choose between me or 39 sewage soaked garbage bags of debris from her basement (she chose the garbage bags).

2) having my "secret identity" exposed. I mean really the blogosphere is really an honour based masquerade and with a little effort we could look behind anyone's mask the point is that we wear our masks for personal reasons that should be respected.

3)"interesting but not publishable" results from both the primary and secondary sabbatical projects.

But then I got called out by Homebrew ...

And the hits on my blog jumped from 2 a day to 7 (yes 7, that is a 350 % jump)!

Thanks for the shout out, but along with the "must read" chemistry blogs that have been shutting down recently I just don't see myself blogging much now.

Although I have changed textbooks in all my courses and adopted a whole new set of laboratories for one course that will, no doubt, be cause for much hand wringing and foam flecked invective in the coming semester. I don't know but I do appreciate the mention.

Now I will go gently into the night. Since is seems to be de rigueur to quote Douglas Adams at this point I will go with a quote that is much more useful to synthetic chemists and simply say ...

"Don't Panic"

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