Sunday, December 23, 2007

Everyone Gotta See This

Truth, all truth.

This is my story as well. If this were a religious evangelical meeting I would be on my feet yelling "Testify!".

I in fact have my own first edition copy of the "Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments"!

I in fact had my own "lab space" under the basement stairs in my parents house.



Ψ*Ψ said...

I would have been better off with a decent chemistry set as a kid. Instead, I was an astronomy/geology nerd. All my elementary & middle school science classes focused on biology. It was incredibly boring, but safe. I hated science classes until high school chemistry, but even then I was terrified of the labs. (Took a while for that to wear off, but I'm OK now...)

Liberal Arts Chemist said...

I got my first chemistry set in the early 1970's and it was very similar to the one in the video from 1963. It was a hoot. And it is true that in the early 70's you could pick up some weird stuff in pharmacies. I guess back then they were still making some of the drugs they dispensed and were not just pill counters.

I must say that the focus on the guerilla science supplier in the video disturbed me. The suppliers did not wear even rudimentary or common sense safety equipment. That part I was not so keen on.

David Eaton said...

I also got a chemistry set in the early 70s. The particulars are a dim memory, but it set me on the road to becoming a chemist. I remember it being fun, and exciting.

I worry a lot about my own children's peers (with a scientist dad, my kids are going to be fine. We were playing with cyclodextrin this evening...)

The supplier guy in the video pissed me off. I actually support being able to buy modest amounts of some of the things he supplies, but he set a horrible example.

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