Sunday, January 25, 2009

Winter Reflections

Ten Reasons why having a snowblower is better than having teenage children when the driveway needs to be cleaned.

10. Snowblowers don’t complain.
9. A snowblower will not shovel out your driveway like a prisoner of war and then run off to happily shovel the neighbours driveway.
8. Snowblowers don’t think that shoveling the driveway once means that it doesn’t need to do it again for the whole winter.
7. Waking up a snowblower means changing a lever on the side of the blower to “START”, you ever tried to wake up a teenager?
6. A snowblower will not clean your driveway and then ask for money.
5. A snowblower will not start a Facebook group “Why My Owner Sucks”
4. A snowblower will not wander the neighbourhood dragging back leaf blowers and lawnmowers for you to feed.
3. When you are done with a snowblower you can legally throw it away.
2. If your snowblower breaks there are people out there who can fix your snowblower for $20 an hour.
1. A fixed snowblower stays fixed.


Ψ*Ψ said...

How much snow are you talking about clearing?

Liberal Arts Chemist said...

We have been on a nightmarish meteological conveyer belt that dumps about 30cm of snow between -30 oC cold snaps on a weekly rotation. That said, as long as the power stays on, the car starts and the snopwblower works it is just Canada in the winter. It is kind of the symmetry opposite of when I interviewed fior a position at the University of Iowa in the middle of summer and everyone ran from their air conditioned house to their air conditioned car top thier air conditioned workplace.

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