Monday, March 30, 2009

Labin Fever

The temperature refuses to go above 5 oC for weeks, last week it was 10 cm of dry blowing snow that sandblasted your face as you trudged to work into the bracing wind. This week it is 30 cm of wet, bone chilling snow that forms a gelatinous crust over everything.

You look away from the window.

3:35 pm
3:35 pm?
3:35 pm!

You have set-up a long term study in the fumehood and everyday at 3:35 pm the temperature suddenly decreases. What? Why? This winter is suddenly going on too long, far far too long, dangerously long. The voices ... the voices whisper ... "It must be the Biologists". Well of course it's the Biologists. Ever since I joined this circus wagon the Biologists have been my bane, my foil and my friends. It's just, just that they are all so ... predictable. But what would the Biologists do at 3:35 pm to my experiment? It's not like they would wander into the lab and fiddle with my knobs. Would they?

Have to fight the Labin Fever. You know it's not paranoia if everyone REALLY is out to get you. Suddenly the eyes narrow and the knuckles whiten as they tighten on Fisher the temperature probe. The fumehoods ... I share a fumehood fan with the Biology lab and everyday at 3:30 they have a lab ... AND THEY TURN OFF THEIR FUMEHOODs 'CAUSE THEY'RE NOISY!

I give into the Labin Fever. This winter will never end, there is no bottom, there is no side but I do know an orifice in the Biology lab that Fisher will fit into quite nicely, quite nicely indeed.

I just have to wait until 3:35 pm.

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Ψ*Ψ said...

You've made me ridiculously glad I'll be going to grad school in an area that doesn't experience winter. :)

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