Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This Is Not My Lab

This is an image from the recent National Geographic (I would link to it but I cannot find the image in the online version of the magazine). It is described as a chemistry lab in a Detroit school that was abandoned to vandals after a fire in the school.

I don't know if Detroit vandals are more polite than the vandals around here but there is far to much intact glassware in the picture. In fact, who walks away from this amount of functional equipment? There are alot of useful items still in useful condition left in this abandoned lab. Give me an hour to clean it up and I could teach most of first year chemistry with chemicals from the grocery store and the equipment that I see.

In any event I found the image striking.


Liberal Arts Chemist said...

Link to image


Liberal Arts Chemist said...

Another abandoned chemistry lab, this one is an industrial lab in Europe.


Chemgeek said...

or you have the makings of a pretty nice meth lab.

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