Sunday, June 5, 2011

Colour Coded Phosphorus

I see the element Phosphorus has had the star treatment by being highlighted in a Science blog of the Guardian newspaper (GrrlScientist). Just like a star however it would appear that the image has been airbrushed a bit.

This is what you see if you go to the website today:

This is what you see if you look in the Google cache for the original post on June 3:

To my eyes the original version seems much more authoritative, interesting and educational.


stu said...

The original was riddled with errors, that is why it was 'corrected' - although the correction was mostly done through the removal of chunks of text (and there is no notice on the article to tell you that it was corrected). The oxidation state of elemental P is zero, no matter what allotrope you have (white, red, black, etc...) - and the explanation of oxidation state was far from accurate.

Liberal Arts Chemist said...

Yeah, that is sorta why I pointed it out. I don't follow GrrlScientist and I have no doubt that she is a delightful, well read scientist but I gotta hope that the original post was a Weiner like "Oh crap I just posted a rough draft" and that is why she decided to shoot, shovel and shut-up as they say here in Alberta.

osman said...

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