Monday, July 9, 2012

Selling With Chemistry: Dentyne Gum

Well, it seems I am on a thing about updating previous posts. In previous posts here and here I had noticed the use of chemistry and the icons of chemistry to sell things. I observed that certain icons such as the periodic table, test tubes and Erlenmeyer flask have a high positive penetration in the minds of the general population.

So the advertizing companies are at it again with element symbols and the periodic table:

List of Elements

Fr    Friendly
Fd    Friendly
It    Intellectual
St    Stylish
Ri   Mr. Right
Rn    Mr. Right Now
Rb    Rebellious
Tr    Trouble
Be    Blue Eyes
Co    Confident
Wi   Wild
Ir    Irrisistible
Ht   Hottie

At the end there seems to be some semblance of a period table structure and it would appear that Wild and Hottie bear a group relationship but the structure is variable suggesting that they are in fact attempting to show molecular bonding interactions.

I also see that they have two symbols for Friendly (Fr and Fd) which suggests an isotopic relationship between the two. I would assume that Fr is reserved for short lived friendships while Fd is for long termed friendships.

All in all it seems to align with my assertion that the benign chemical icons can be used in pop culture without alarming people. So why the universal negative response to the word "Chemical" and the sinister popular image of complex chemical glassware?

I am supposed to be doing a structural analysis on a new crystal structure but am finding my mind is easily wandering. Three posts on a nearly moribund chemblog in one week is clearly an alarming symptom of work avoidance.Time for a vacation.

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