Monday, April 13, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now the Snow Has Gone ...

The storm largely passed in the night and I was able to swamp my way into Liberal University and this is the view out the Liberal Lab Window this morning. Pretty, but getting pretty old. There is enough heat to the ground and the Sun now that this should all be a passing bad memory within a couple of days.

For me this is the last week of classes. I have been getting frantic emails from the students, especially the marginal ones, asking Me (!) what lab reports they haven't submitted and what the late penalties would be for late work. This is my own fault since my late penalties bottom out at 45% and that means anything submitted late retains some value until the end of semester. And some of them need the marks.

I also have some students that have gotten some quack MD to back date medical excuses for when the students were sick earlier in the semester. This means that I will either have to set the labs that they missed for them this week or come up with an equivalent replacement. Two weeks, one fortnight, 13 sleeps and the madness will be over.

Then I have to get ready for my Science Camp for Homeschooled High School students in early May. Win!

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Chemgeek said...

"late penalties bottom out at 45%"

You are generous. I have a hard 5PM deadline for everything. After that points are progressively lost. After a week, the points go to 0.

Even thought they are told about this on day one and it is in the syllabus, students affected by this usually complain as if it's my fault.

Oh, well.

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