Friday, May 15, 2009

The Stupid It Burns

This image was drawn by Ahren Paulson and picked up by Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy . This image deserves more circulation in the science / chemistry blogosphere and its own acronym ... TSIB (The Stupid It Burns). This would have helped Kyle at The Chem Blog in his discussions on the pseudoscience techno-babble surrounding "organic salt".

Speaking of TSIB I find it ironic that one of the most common sources of TSIB is the advertizing section of Popular Science. As just a quick example we have the good people who have this ad...and they provide this helpful table ... TSIB people, TSIB.

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Chemgeek said...

I pull this exact sample out in my Gen Chem class when we talk about bond angles.

I first saw it in a Saturday Evening Post magazine. But, for a "Science" magazine (if you can call Popular Science a "Science" magazine) to publish this is very unfortunate.

A little editorial discretion would be nice.

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